Wellmover Fest Sukses digelar di lagoon avenue mall bekasi

#SafeZone: Wellmover Fest at Lagoon Avenue Mall Bekasi

While observing strict health protocols with the help of Teman Sehat, a mobile telehealth app, more than 50 participants joined the Wellmover Fest held at the Lagoon Avenue Mall in Bekasi, Indonesia, last Saturday, March 27, 2021. The event with the theme, “Party of Sports,” was also streamed online via Zoom.

Wellmover Fest
Pound fit, this one cardio exercise inspired by movement of a drummer beating his sticks while beating a drum.

Due to the threat of COVID-19, the event organizers collaborated with Teman Sehat to ensure the safety and comfort of guests and staff. Before entering the venue, participants were required to download the Teman Sehat application for the screening process. Antigen swab tests were carried out and a digital guest book was also provided at the venue to reduce direct contact and exposure risks. Guests who used the app also enjoyed digital discount coupons from partner merchants. 

“Workouts are very important, even more so during a pandemic. Make sure we exercise in a room with good air circulation,” said Amalia Widi Astikasari, one of the coaches from Wellmover Fest. “Thanks to Teman Sehat because this (service) really helps us to know who the participants are and we can detect their condition using the app,” she added.

Safe and secure monitoring of activities

Event managers and venue management are encouraged to use application to easily find out the health status of participants and visitors through its digital guestbook feature. The application serves as an excellent support system that will help increase community productivity despite the threat of the pandemic.

How Teman Sehat’s Digital Guest Book and Screening Point work

Wellmover Fest
Check-In process using Teman Sehat Digital Guestbook is fast and easy

Participants are directed to go through a check-in process, also called a digital guest book filling, before entering the event area. Teman Sehat users can easily fill it out using their mobile phone to receive safety alerts while doing their normal activities and to enjoy discount coupons that are also available in the app.

Meanwhile, screening points for participants and visitors at the location provide a sense of security. The antigen swab tests are offered at an affordable price range to encourage more people to get tested.

Wellmover Fest
Simple Screening Point area because it uses Teman Sehat service as a diagnostic test management tool

Unlike on-site tests in general, which require a laptop and printer to print out a test result certificate, Teman Sehat sends test results and a Digital Health Passport directly to users of the Teman Sehat app. 

“For health workers it also simplifies the process of registration, payment and preparation of test result data. If you use Teman Sehat (Health app), it will take less than 30 seconds to finish,” said Siska Nurul – Operation Manager of Teman Sehat.

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