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Vaccine cards and Data Privacy: Kominfo reminds Indonesians to protect personal data

Vaccine cards Privacy

To curb the spread of Covid-19, the Indonesian government implemented the no vaccine card, no entry policy in various sectors of society. This move prompted many Indonesians to have their digital vaccine cards printed on a physical card. On social media, those who have been fully vaccinated tend to flaunt their physical cards as proof of their vaccination status, and this trend is becoming a data privacy issue, according to KOMINFO.

The ministry reminds Indonesians to protect personal data to prevent data leakage due to public negligence. This is also the personal responsibility of the vaccine certificate holder.

Vaccine cards Privacy
Vaccine cards Privacy in danger

KOMINFO Appeals to Vaccine Card Holders

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has also raised the alarm and issued a few reminders on its website. Although there are currently no rules on the printing of COVID-19 vaccine cards, the public must understand that the vaccine certificate contains the owner’s personal data that must be protected, such as QR code, ID card number, and other personal information.

“We urge the owner of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate to properly maintain the data stored in it,” said Ministry of Communications and Information Technology spokesman Dedy Permadi, Tuesday (14/7/2021).

Meanwhile, Kominfo also appealed to vaccine card printing services to always uphold consumer confidence and avoid misuse of data from vaccine certificates. If violations on the provisions on personal data are found, Dedy urged the public to report them through the site or the channels provided in the website.

Alternative to Physical Vaccine Cards

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