Teman Sehat, Help the Community to create a safe zone area during 2021

Create a Safe zone together

Facing the second year of this pandemic, Indonesians are now starting to breathe easily. Although the economic condition has not recovered 100%, together we are starting to rise from the downturn caused by the coronavirus. Of course, without losing the great services of health workers, government, and volunteers who continue to fight, you are extraordinary. Also to all of you who keep working outside the home and keep trying to survive for the sake of the family, you guys are awesome. And don’t forget for those who always maintain health protocols, even to periodic tests to create a safe zone together, you are amazing.

Create a Safe zone together
Create a Safe zone together

We have gone through many things together, the Covid-19 case is not something that can be solved by just one or two people. But it takes cooperation and also a new lifestyle that can continue to provide us with extra security and comfort. Following the government’s recommendations with health protocols and other additional rules is also an obligation for all of us.

Teman Sehat Journey during 2021

Teman Sehat is here with the aim of supporting various government programs so that they can move the economy back in Indonesia. Healthy friends, in collaboration with various parties and levels of society, have taken part in implementing the leading health protocols. By carrying out the “Safe Zone” as a safe zone or location that provides a sense of security and comfort when doing activities in it. It is also equipped with a digital ecosystem that is mutually integrated with various parties. Healthy Friends has become a complement to the programs run by the government.

Teman Sehat could save your Vaccine card digitally

In 2021, the Teman Sehat team has also carried out many activities. 2021 has become clear evidence that the Safe Zone can be applied as a leading health protocol that can meet the expectations of many parties. Starting from its convenience, comfort, flexibility to the economy of its products.

Collaboration with official clinics in Indonesia

To maintain its quality, Teman Sehat has collaborated with various well-known clinics and is accredited to government standards. Good in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bali to Pekanbaru. Teman Sehat has established a partnership that hopes to help not only clinic / or health partners but also helps the general public at large in obtaining health services. For now, Healthy Friends are able to book tests for various types of official screening tests and is registered with the Ministry of Health.

Easy and convenient screening test solution

This year, Teman Sehat has collaborated with clinics that provide saliva-based tests. An invasive method of screening test for COVID-19, which only needs to take a sample of saliva in the oral cavity. In contrast to the swab method, in which the patient feels discomfort in the process of taking it.

Saliva based sampling

The screening test by taking saliva or saliva samples is quite easy to do, both for children and the elderly. So that it can provide a sense of comfort and complete security for all family members. Equipped with the family booking feature, Healthy Friends can screen test orders for one family at a time, in one order.

Screening test without worry

In addition, the test results are also quite quickly accepted by users, in about 15 minutes the test results can be directly received by users on their smartphones. After getting the results, the user can immediately carry out their activities again safely and comfortably.

Create a Safe zone with the community

During 2021, there have also been many communities that, in carrying out their activities in public areas, still care about the safety and comfort of their visitors. The commitment of these communities in presenting a safe zone in every activity they hold is worthy of emulation. Starting from the implementation of health protocols to providing screening tests for those who want to enter the activity area.

community activities

Friend Sehat has often collaborated with these communities, especially in the Bekasi area. Starting from the activities of the community of Kpop music lovers and Japanese pop culture which are always exciting, to the fitness community that is actively moving to the rhythm of Zumba music.

sports event with advanced protocol test

In each of these collaborations, Teman Sehat and the community are jointly committed to implementing the leading health protocols. With the hope that in the future we want these communities to continue to develop even though they are still in the pandemic period and be able to hold more activities in public areas.

Official government activities and office

Teman Sehat has also participated in several government activities. Starting from the inauguration of Situ Rawa Gede which was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Bekasi to the implementation of a mass blood donation in celebration of DGT Day in Pekanbaru which was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru. This proves that local governments also support the implementation of safe zones in public areas.

The Blood Donnor event was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru

The implementation of the screening test just before entering the activity area is one thing that is continuously applied in all government activities in public areas. Don’t forget to check-in in the digital ecosystem before entering the activity area.

Safe Zone is also very suitable to be applied in office areas or co-working spaces. One of them is at Connection Bekasi, a creative hub that provides office areas as well as event space at Mega Bekasi Hypermall.

Office areas that apply health protocols

The atmosphere in the work environment is becoming more comfortable because workers undergo regular screening tests on a regular basis. This very easy and fast Saliva based test makes it more convenient for workers to undergo the screening test process every day. And, of course, relieves anxiety when returning home and meeting loved ones.

Keeping the sanctity of marriage

For many people, the wedding moment is a sacred thing. Therefore it needs to be held as safely and comfortably as possible. Healthy friends have also helped provide a safe zone in various wedding activities, both at the convention building which invites many people or those held privately for families only.

Ready to apply a safe zone at your wedding

Apart from being a requirement in organizing activities in public areas, an easy and convenient screening test can also provide flexibility for the whole family to attend weddings. Especially for elderly families who sometimes feel uncomfortable with the test using the swab method and taking samples from the nose or throat. With the saliva-based test, all family members can participate without anyone being left behind.

Marriage can still go on with the most advanced health protocols

Provide a sense of security for the business and tourism sectors

For entrepreneurs, both in the food n beverages sector and also in tourism, maintaining their public areas is an important thing. Provide services according to the standards provided by the government, ranging from the maximum number of room capacities, health protocols to other things in order to meet CHSE standards.

Together with entrepreneurs create safe zones

So it’s not surprising that we also see more and more business locations that prioritize their staff to get vaccines immediately. With the vaccine, the lower the level of spread that can occur, moreover it will be even stronger with the addition of health protocols in the form of regular screening tests.

Nadhi mart Stationery with regular screening tests

Even in tourism places, many have collaborated with Healthy Friends, especially in Pekanbaru and Bali. Several hotels have also implemented regular tests for staff and employees on duty so that they can be more comfortable when serving guests who come.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2022

And to close the journey in 2021, the whole team of Healthy Friends would like to thank all of you for your role in implementing the leading health protocols. Hopefully, we can take valuable lessons from 2021 and prepare ourselves for the year 2022 that is in front of our eyes. For all Healthy friends, don’t forget to always take care of your health and environmental conditions. And don’t forget the periodic test at Healthy Friends ^^

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