4 new things you can start at the beginning of the new year

Start new habits in the new year

The new year is usually used by many people as a momentum to do or start new things. The new year also usually gives us a new spirit in increasing our potential or quality, with the hope that we can become better. For Teman Sehat who want to start new things in the new year, here are some suggestion to Start new habits in the new year.

Start new habits in the new year
Start new habits in the new year

Start looking for a New Hobby

Two years of the pandemic hit, then 2 years we are forced to spend more time at home than doing activities outside the house. Of course, during those 2 years, we experienced many transitions or changes in living our daily lives. With this new year, there’s nothing wrong with starting a new hobby.

There are many choices of hobbies that you can take seriously, of course, you can choose the one that best suits your passion or desire. Starting from what can be done at home to activities outside the home. Examples of hobbies that can be done at home are playing board games, collecting cards, or enjoying anime or k-drama from paid streaming channels. You can also do pets, as a new hobby. You can choose cats, dogs, hamsters, or sugar gliders to accompany your days. In addition, you can take your pets for walks outside the house.

Get acquainted with new people

You can also start the year by starting to get acquainted with new people. Starting from around your residence and environment, you can try to mingle with your neighbors and local residents and get to know them better. By being better known by your neighbors, it will also be easier for you to get help for matters related to housing. For example, if your parcel has strayed, your neighbors will be able to voluntarily direct it to your address.

Start new habits in the new year
Visiting new places to build a new network

You can also visit new places such as art theaters, public seminars, exhibitions, or painting galleries, to places to eat which are hidden gems among millennials. By visiting these places, you can meet new people from different circles of hobbies and interests. So that you can add to your networking channel which, who knows, can be useful in the future. But don’t forget to always implement the leading health protocols and make sure the place you visit is a safe zone area, so you can move safely and comfortably. You can also do periodic tests after visiting public areas as extra prevention against the omicron variant of covid which is raging.

Start new habits with sports

Choosing to start exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle is also the right thing to do in early 2022. With our lack of activities outside the home, and many being confined in the house (WFH / Online) we experience a lack of movement. We can choose various sports options, ranging from cheap ones such as running or jogging, to practicing in the gym with the guidance of trained instructors.

Start new habits in the new year
jogging or brisk walking can be done easily

Even thousands of meters marathon runners always start from 1 small step at the beginning, with that mindset we must start exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Of course, changes will immediately shock our bodies, so all of that must be done slowly and of course consistently in order to get maximum results. Make sure you get enough information from a professional consultant before doing sports or dietary changes so that unwanted things don’t happen.

Start actively creating a safe zone in the surrounding environment

For those of you who have traveled or used airplanes for transportation, you must know that there is a or safe zone in the lounge area at the airport. Why is it called a safe zone because in that area, all people, both visitors, and staff, have done screening tests and have a non-reactive results. In this area, we can carry out various activities more safely and comfortably.

With advanced health protocols and regular tests, we can easily create a safe zone around us. But starting something new like this is definitely not easy, we have to start getting used to doing periodic tests. This is useful for those of you who are active outside the home and meet many people in public spaces. That way we can know the condition of our bodies and can protect the people around us. We can use an affordable antigen test or saliva-based test, which is available in clinics.

Let’s start new things in this new year with the hope of bringing changes for the better. Health is maintained and the economy can also recover for all of us.

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