Back to school? Do not worry. Here are some safety tips for schools during the pandemic

Safe back to school during the pandemic

During the pandemic, school activity has changed a lot. For the government, determining when is the right time to be able to return to offline schools is crucial. After going to online school through various digital platforms, now the government is finally back to doing offline schools again. So, for students or parents, what things should we prepare? These are some tips for Safe back to school during the pandemic

Follows health protocol

The first face-to-face school (offline school) tip during a pandemic is to always apply the health protocols. Starting from using masks, washing hands/hand sanitizer, and maintaining the distance when in public areas. Even when you are in the school area, try to keep applying the health protocol.

Safe back to school during the pandemic
Safe back to school during the pandemic

Carry out a regular screening test

The second tip of doing offline school is to carry out regular screening tests. What is a regular screening test? The regular screening test is a test activity carried out by a person to ensure that his body is healthy and protected from the coronavirus.

In several locations, there are so many regular screening tests, the aim is that all people in the area can continue to be monitored for their health. And if there is a reactive case of the coronavirus is detected, it can be immediately addressed according to the applicable procedures so that it can be quickly handled by the relevant parties (Satgas Covid)

Preapare the stationery

Safe back to school during the pandemic
Stationerys at Nadhi Mart Bali

School is incomplete without bringing stationery and other equipment. You have to check your stationery equipment. You can go shopping before school is back. Go online or come directly to the nearest stationery in your area.

If you decide to shop directly to the location, make sure the shopping location applies the latest health protocols. By shopping directly, you can see various types of school needs, whether bags, stationery, notebooks, or marker.

Shopping with Safety
Safe back to school during the pandemic

Shopping at safe zone areas

For those who don’t know what a safe zone is, SafeZone is the location that provides a sense of security and comfort for visitors at the location. This provides extra protection by carrying out preventive steps than usual

In the safe zone areas, visitors or employees are both following health protocols, accompanied by regular screening tests also check-in with Teman Sehat App. You can follow more information about Teman Sehat through the website at or on Instagram

Nadhi Mart Stationery Bali

For those in Bali and surrounding areas, Nadhi Mart stationery Bali is one of the stationery stores that has implemented the most advanced health protocols. In addition, its employees have conducted regular screening tests so they can serve visitors who shop more comfortably.

Nadhi Mart Stationery Bali
Safe back to school during the pandemic

With quite a lot of shops spread across the Bali area, you can visit them easily. But don’t forget to keep following health protocols.  Hopefully, these offline school tips during pandemics are useful. Thank you

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