Agri-Business Incubator for Pekanbaru City launched

Pekanbaru Agribusiness Incubator

The Pekanbaru City government held its first chili planting activity at the PT Sarana Pangan Madani on June 4, 2021 with Pekanbaru Mayor Dr. H. Firdaus, S.T., M.T. in attendance. The Pekanbaru Agribusiness Incubator event was launched to increase the interest and expertise of local residents in agribusiness. Teman Sehat, in collaboration with the city government, provided participants with a digital guest book as part of the city’s health protocol. 

At the venue, participants had their temperature checked and were advised to use the Teman Sehat application to log their attendance. They were also reminded to observe health protocols such as washing of hands, maintaining physical distance, and wearing masks.

Launching Project on Farm as an Agri-Business Incubator for Pekanbaru

#SafeZone in Pekanbaru

Launching Project on Farm as an Agri-Business Incubator for Pekanbaru

In Pekanbaru, Teman Sehat’s digital guest book feature is already being used at The Central Plaza, Metropolitan City, coffee and apparel shops to help provide a sense of security for visitors and site managers. The use of Digital Health Passports and digital guest book check-in systems in these public locations can help communities create safe zones for worry-free activities and revive the economy not only in Pekanbaru but also in Indonesia in general.

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