Safe and Convenient Testing with Teman Sehat

Together, we create #SafeZones

Protect yourself and your loved ones through Teman Sehat’s Covid-19 testing service. Regular testing and early detection help create safe zones in the new normal.

Creating #SafeZone with Teman Sehat

Teman Sehat for Users

A digital-based health service ecosystem which combines  a seamless technology of testing, detection and results all in one app.

Teman Sehat for Health Partners

 An easy-to-use, convenient and free diagnostic test management app that will help promote health facilities and increase the number of patients seeking diagnostic testing.

Teman Sehat for Place Partners

We are working with our partners to create safe and trusted environments for staff and visitors to increase customer traffic and revenue.

Teman Sehat Features

Digital Health Passport

Health certificates indicate full name, current test results and vaccination status

Check-In System

Feel safe and secure knowing that others around you have recently tested

Vaccine Appointments

Book appointments at the nearest health facility and view your vaccination record on your mobile phone

Mobile Healthtech

Easily order and pay for your diagnostic test with results delivered to your mobile phone


An affordable and accurate saliva-based DNA aptamer technology diagnostic test system integrated into the app

Digital Ecosystem

Integrated services between users, health facilities and public areas

Regular Covid-19 testing using AptameX is a safe, accurate,

fast and efficient solution to curb the pandemic


Teman Sehat's digital guest book (check-in) system has greatly helped us manage events at the Bekasi Convention Center. Aside from ensuring the safety of our guests, we are able to comply with the city of Bekasi's health protocols.

Sherly Leona

Bekasi Convention Center Marketing Manager

Visitors who want to enjoy and relax at our facilities can feel safe and comfortable knowing that health protocols are being observed with the help of Teman Sehat. My team and I also feel at ease while attending to our guests.

DRS Riyono Gede Trisoko

Alam Mayang Recreational Park owner

People felt safe while attending the First Anniversary Showcase Plus Creative Ent event last October 31, 2021 because of the health protocols in place. Teman Sehat's on-site Covid-19 testing process was a breeze and very practical.

Febi Komaril

Social media influencer

The app is easy to use. I was able to enjoy an outdoor event with the photography community again, thanks to Teman Sehat.


Participant at a Bali street festival

Hopefully with the application of Teman Sehat's Digital Ecosystem, it can help curb the spread of Covid-19, especially around the Bali Prosecutor's area.

M Anugrah Agung Saputra Faizal, S.H.

Head of the Crime Section of Persons and Property

In the midst of Covid-19, we must not give up. We have to be enthusiastic and exert effort to control the spread of the virus. The economy must continue. This application is expected to provide a solution to help the community during the pandemic.

H. Ayat Cahyadi,S,Si

Vice Mayor of Pekanbaru

Thank you, Teman Sehat, our digital guestbook partner at Bali High Court. Teman Sehat's Digital Ecosystem greatly benefits us because we have a lot of daily visitors coming to this area.

Subroto, SH., MH.

Assistant for General Crimes at the Bali Prosecutor's Office

Teman Sehat shortens our time in conducting screening tests on patients, both at the clinic and at the location of approximately 15 minutes. The process is also not complicated and I'm sure it can be done by all health workers.


Health Officer from Empat Dara Sehat Clinic

We want to create a safe and comfortable space for you to be inspired and be creative, of course with the help of Teman Sehat. We want to prioritize health protocols, so together we support each other.


Owner of Langkah Kopi Bali (A coffee shop in Bali, Indonesia)