Teman Sehat

Covid-19 Tracking Application

A mobile health ecosystem, helping to ensure your safety during these challenging times.

Teman Sehat is a mobile check-in app. that works with the Gumnuts testing kit, to deliver a fast, secure and private way for the diagnostic testing for Covid-19, using a saliva-based method.

Users application

Users application

Fast, secure and private

With the Teman Sehat app, users can book, pay for and manage their Covid-19 testing in an affordable and user-friendly way. Test results are recorded in the app. which also serves as a digital passport with a test certificate.

With a handy digital test certificate that shows their negative test status, Teman Sehat users can continue doing what they love with friends and family—to safely travel to schools, restaurants, tourist attractions and other places that are marked safe to visit amid the pandemic.

Business partner application

Business partner application

Safeguard your place of business

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop there is an increasing need to safeguard businesses, and their staff and customers, in a bid to return to the old normal.

Teman Sehat is an easy and cost-effective way to help you with Covid-19 testing, so you can provide a safe environment for your staff and customers. With regular testing in place, you can meet your business requirements and government protocols. There are many ways to distribute and share the costs for testing too, and we are here to help.

Business partner application
Health partners application

Health partners application

Easy and efficient testing

The Teman Sehat app. provides an easy dashboard to our health clinic and hospitals partners, so they can efficiently manage the testing process for Covid-19. Our partners are able to load patient data and their results onto the mobile app., which delivers both privacy to the patient and the ability to further share as needed.

How does it work?

Take a Covid-19 test

To obtain a test result, a user must take some type of Covid-19 test, whether it’s a rapid test or a swab, with a health partner. The test result will be uploaded by the health partner to the Teman Sehat application. There are three colors to indicate test results. Green indicates OK or a negative test result. Red indicates NOT OK or a positive test result. Yellow indicates the user has not been tested or their last test was over 14 days ago.


If you have taken a Covid-19 test and the results are green indicating OK or negative, you can use this application to easily enter wherever you want to go. You can obtain information about the area or city you want to visit and check if it’s a green or red zone. In some places, you will be asked to provide a QR code from the Teman Sehat application while other places will provide a QR code to scan.

Self-isolate when necessary

If you have taken a Covid-19 test and the results are red indicating NOT OK or positive, then you know you need to self-isolate.  Seek emergency medical care immediately if your symptoms are severe.

Using your test result

When you want to go to a place that is covered by the Teman Sehat application, your QR code will be scanned or that place will provide a QR code to scan to obtain your green, red, or yellow health status.  If your status is red or yellow, you will not be allowed to enter and will be requested to take a new Covid-19 test to confirm your health status.

Keeping you Alert

The Teman Sehat application will send an alert if you are in a place where you may be at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. This application offers reassurance of the green, yellow, or red status of your location.

Where are you going now?

Using the Teman Sehat application keeps you safe. You can freely socialise with anyone, anywhere because you know the people you interact with and the locations you visit are green zones.

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With Teman Sehat, the Wellmover Fest was successfully held at Lagoon Avenue Mall Bekasi

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