Tips hindari omicron

February 2022 will be the peak of Omicron, here are 4 tips to avoid Omicron.

Tips to avoid Omicron

Indonesia’s government predicts February 2022 will be the beginning of the peak of Omicron, various regulations have been prepared by the government to deal with this wave. Reported from Parliament on Monday (17/1/2022), a member of Commission IX DPR RI Netty Prasetiyani said the government must build preparedness both at the upstream point to the downstream point. Starting from community behavior to infrastructure and health facilities. So what can we do to deal with the omicron that is getting more and more violent in its spread? here are tips to avoid omicron that you can do yourself, healthy friends.

Of course, we don’t want to be missed like we’ve been before, to fight covid, we need all levels of society to be able to follow the directions from the government. As well as awareness of each to be able to take care of themselves and their health.

Traveling to and from abroad, quarantine

For those who still have to travel abroad, it is better to always comply with the health protocols set. Quarantine after arrival is mandatory, especially if you have recently returned from abroad. For this quarantine process, it is highly recommended to do it in a hospital. In order to be treated immediately with appropriate medical equipment.

It is highly recommended for you not to gather with those who have just returned from abroad, at least while they are undergoing a 7-10 day quarantine period.

Tips to Avoid Omicron, Complete vaccines and boosters

It is a recommendation from WHO for every country to promote vaccine and booster programs. In Indonesia, since late last year, the booster vaccine or the third dose has been introduced as a complement to the first and second doses. In addition to having completed the initial 2 doses, participants receiving the booster vaccine have also passed 6 months from the second dose. The types of booster vaccines and combinations with the initial vaccine can be checked in the image below.

Tips to avoid Omicron
Infographic from

For those of you who previously received the Sinovac vaccine, you can receive booster vaccines from Pfizer and also AstraZeneca. Meanwhile, AstraZeneca vaccine recipients can receive a booster vaccine from Moderna. The dose of this booster vaccine is only half.

Implementation of Advanced Health Protocols

The application of leading health protocols is one layer of defense in the fight against COVID-19. A simple thing but can break the chain of spread, small things that can have a big impact on our lives.

Tips to avoid Omicron
advanced health protocol

As easy as washing our hands with soap and running water, or using a hand sanitizer, we can clean ourselves from viruses and germs. Then using a 2-layer mask (cloth and medical) is also recommended to prevent the spread of contaminated droplets. After that, keeping a distance and avoiding crowds can increase our level of defense from being exposed to the virus.

Periodic Test to protect the family with Teman Sehat

One of the things that are highly recommended in the health protocols is to carry out periodic tests for those who are active outside. With regular testing, we can find out the health condition of our bodies. If we experience symptoms that are quite similar to the existing symptoms, taking a PCR test is highly recommended, not just a rapid test.

Teman Sehat booking test covid19

To simplify the ordering process, you can use the application to book a Covid test at trusted clinics around you. Just order from your smartphone, pay by e-wallet or bank transfer, and come directly to the location according to the test schedule. The test results will be directly received on your smartphone in a short time. There are various test options, ranging from swab antigen test to swab PCR, and saliva-based tests are also available at certain locations.

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So, those are tips to avoid being exposed to omicron that you can do yourself.

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