DGT Holds Mass Blood Donation Drive in Pekanbaru with Teman Sehat

As part of a series of 2021 Tax Day celebrations in Pekanbaru, a mass blood donation drive was held from 16 to 18 July 2021 at Transmart Pekanbaru, Jalan Soekarno Hatta, sponsored by the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) Riau and Covid-19 Volunteers and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Pekanbaru City. Teman Sehat provided its digital guest system platform to support the event’s stringent health protocols.

Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru H Ayat Cahyadi S.Si, graced the event and reminded organizers and attendees to follow health guidelines throughout the activity. “In the midst of this pandemic, it is very important to donate blood, which sometimes our society needs, especially if someone can donate convalescent plasma, that is very important,” he said.

The Head of Regional Office of DJP Riau Farid Bachtiar extended his appreciation to the deputy mayor for attending the event and all the sponsors who made the event possible.

“We would like to thank all parties involved. Especially the Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru, who took the time to attend today. We also thank the Covid-19 Volunteers and PMI Pekanbaru who have been directly involved in our charitable activities,” said Farid.

“By improving the health of the people of Pekanbaru City, we hope that the economy will start to reopen. If the economic activities are shut down, the tax revenue won’t come either. If tax revenues do not come in, the government will have to find more ways to address the costs for purchasing vaccines and others such as treatment of people exposed to COVID-19” added Farid.

Collaboration with Teman Sehat

Transmart and DGT collaborated with Teman Sehat for the use of the app’s Digital Guest Book feature at the location. Visitors were able to check-in through a QR code scan from their smartphone and fill out digital visitor forms, all done within a minute.

In Pekanbaru, Teman Sehat’s digital guest book feature is already being used at The Central Plaza, Metropolitan City and many coffee shops to help provide a sense of security for visitors and site managers. The use of Digital Health Passports and digital guest book check-in systems in these public locations can help communities create safe zones for worry-free activities and revive the economy not only in Pekanbaru but also in Indonesia in general.

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