Teman Sehat supports government efforts, helps create Bali Green Zone with local entrepreneurs

Bali Green Zone

The Indonesian government, in its efforts to , is carrying out a pilot project in the Bali Province, designating Sanur, Ubud and Nusa Dua as Green Zones. 

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia said the three Green Zones in Bali will be used as a model for other provinces and districts / cities to help provide a sense of comfort in the community. This is in line with what Teman Sehat, a mobile telehealth service, has been doing in Bali—collaborating with local entrepreneurs to create areas where customers can safely and comfortably socialize and relax.

Bali Green Zone with local entrepreneurs
Bali Green Zone with local entrepreneurs

Partnering with Local Entrepreneurs for Bali Green Zone

Teman Sehat and several local entrepreneurs in the coffee shop and restaurant industry have been implementing health protocols that are one step above the usual minimum health standards in place. The aim is to provide extra security and comfort for visitors who come to their respective businesses. Currently, five coffee shops and one restaurant in Bali have already partnered with Teman Sehat.

  • Hope Coffee
  • Langkah Kopi
  • Sinar Harapan
  • Galeri Coffee
  • Ruang Kopi
  • Anjani Beachside Restaurant

Teman Sehat has been actively involved in organizing health protocol compliant activities for the community, together with business owners. Some of the successful events were Jumat Asik at Hope Coffee, , and also caricature workshops at Kopi Gallery with Jango Pramartha.

Bali Green Zone with local entrepreneurs
Indira, Owners of Langkah Kopi

“We want to create a safe and comfortable space for you to be creative, of course with the help of Teman Sehat. We want to prioritize health protocols, so together we support each other, ” said Indira, owner of Langkah Kopi at the mood street art photography event held on March 12, 2021.

How Teman Sehat is helping the community

Teman Sehat is a downloadable app that offers many features. Its Digital Guestbook provides an added security to visitors by reducing direct contact and risk of exposure during activities. Participants are required to check-in before entering businesses—this process is called a digital guest book filling. A Digital Discount Coupon feature is an added bonus to attract more customers and help keep businesses afloat.

QR Code Check-in is fast and easy
QR Code Check-in is fast and easy

Business managers can find out the health status of event participants through the Mitra Sehat application. The Teman Sehat Digital Guestbook will immediately identify the user’s health status so that organizers can make informed decisions and actions when necessary. The availability of these facilities is expected to serve as a support system for the Bali Green Zone initiative and help increase community productivity while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for visitors.

Screening Point on Location

For several events that could gather large crowds, Teman Sehat and business owners can also provide Screening Point on Location for attendees. This was successfully carried out during the Fun Friday at Hope Coffee event with special guest, famous Youtube vlogger Yudist Ardhana on January 29, 2021.  

Rapid Swab Antigen Test at Hope Coffee
Rapid Swab Antigen Test at Hope Coffee

This Screening Point service offers Rapid Antigen Swab tests at the location. This is to provide a sense of security to event participants, visitors, event organizers and business owners. The antigen swab tests are also priced affordably. 

The test results are sent directly to the user's cellphone
The test results are sent directly to the user’s cellphone

With the use of Teman Sehat, the Health Partner in charge can use a mobile-based application to help prepare test result documents and send them directly to users or test takers in the form of a Digital Health Passport, which is also accompanied by a test result document. The process of preparing and sending the test results document can be done in 30 seconds.  

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