7 Tips for choosing a hotel for self-healing in Bali during a pandemic that you must know

7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali

Out of town as self-healing now becomes the latest trend among young people. Looking for “self-healing” from being overwhelmed by office work, or hectic daily activities is very understandable. Several cities or tourist areas often become self-healing destinations, one of them is Bali. Talking about Bali is endless. The area with the nickname island of the gods is famous for its natural charm. Many things can be explored such as beaches, waterfalls, culinary, and also interesting lodging options while there. But before making an order through your smartphone, it’s a good idea to look at the 77 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali that we have written in this article.

These are 7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali that is suitable for self-healing.

Good Air Circulation

Choose a hotel with good airflow. If the room has a window, make sure the window is opened to exchange air circulation properly.

7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali
7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali

Following the maximum guest limit

There are guest restrictions on hotel facilities. If there are swimming pools, fitness, or spa facilities, make sure it has limited guests who want to use these facilities. Usually, the government declares a maximum of 50% of capacity.

Preparation from home

Guests bring their own food utensils. Even though the hotel has provided food utensils, it would be nice during pandemic guests to bring their own utensils to reduce the risk of infection by covid. By bringing your own food utensils, you can also use them when traveling and eating at restaurants.

No Buffet

Look for the one that doesn’t apply the buffet system. If the previous hotel implemented a buffet system, make sure in New Normal it does not apply the buffet system in order to reduce the risk of the potential spread of COVID-19.

Extra Health Protocol

Make sure the hotel implements health protocols. If needed, guests can ask whether the hotel has a CHSE certificate or not. The CHSE certificate is a health protocol certification from the ministry of tourism and creative economy. The existence of a CHSE certificate indicates that the hotel has implemented standard health protocols.

Not in the red zone

The location of the hotel is in the COVID-19 safe zone. Find information about the hotel, whether in the red, orange or green zone

Implementing SafeZone

For those who don’t know what a safe zone is, SafeZone is a location that provides a sense of security and comfort for visitors. This provides extra protection by taking more precautionary steps than usual.

In the safe zone area, visitors or employees are both carrying out the following health protocols, accompanied by regular screening tests and also check-in in with the Teman Sehat App. Follow more information about Teman Sehat through the website at or on Instagram

Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar

So, those were 7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali, make sure your vacation is safe. Therefore, you have to choose the right hotel. Teman Sehat is giving the recommendation to choose is Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar as your fav hotel while traveling.

Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar is located in the city of Sanur, a strategic location with all the beauty and easy access. There are various shopping centers and nightlife options in the vicinity. Equipped with complete facilities such as a beautiful swimming pool with a poolside bar, fitness center, and spa, it certainly makes visitors feel comfortable choosing to stay here.

7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali
Check-in with Teman Sehat App is one of the preventive ways from the spreads of covid

Besides the good hotel facilities, it turns out that Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar has also implemented a safe zone at the location. Safezone is a way for you to protect yourself and those closest to you by creating a safe zone to do activities in peace. The hotel also applies health protocols and conducts advance screening tests on a regular basis. With the safe zone and the right procedures, those of you who stay here are safe and comfortable. Hopefully useful!

7 tips for choosing accommodation in Bali

Happy self-healing friends. Keep following the health protocols wherever you are! Always look forward to tips or other articles from Teman Sehat

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