Staycation or Vacation? Here are 5 tips that will make you stay away from covid

5 safe vacation tips

At the end of the year, usually, people spent time by for holidays or vacations. However, since the pandemic and the latest Covid-19 variants, we have to be more careful. 5 safe vacation tips for Teman Sehat, make your holiday more secure. We don’t expect if the vacation we have planned to end with bad memories, or even fail. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

Plans ahead

The first thing we do when we want to take a vacation is the plan. Make sure you prepare your plan ahead.. Why? because by planning ahead, we will have good preparations. Regarding what destinations we want to visit, what activities we need to do, or how much money we need.

You can also book hotels and planes in advance. In addition to the cheaper price compared to when urgent order. Make sure you choose a comfortable and safe place to stay. You can also read the following article for 7 tips on choosing a hotel while on vacation.

Check Travel conditions

During the pandemic, the government is quite strict in enforcing policies to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Healthy friends must always pay attention to the terms and conditions when traveling. Starting from the requirements to enter the area by sea or air, it needs necessary files and documents.

Check weather conditions

One that is important is checking the weather. Indonesia is known for 2 seasons, namely the long summer and the rainy season. Towards the turn of the year, the rainy season usually begins. Therefore, it is better to look at the weather forecasts.

Especially for those who carry out holiday activities outdoors and are held in open spaces, seeing the weather conditions is very necessary. Because you don’t want to get caught in the rain and get caught in strong winds.

Pay attention to health conditions and test regularly

For those who want to travel out of town, what must be ensured is their health condition. Don’t forget to always test regularly, both before leaving for vacation, during vacation, and also after the holiday is over.

5 safe vacation tips For you and your family during pandemic

For those who want regular tests in n easy and comfortable not through the nose or mouth, you can use the saliva-based test. Where this saliva-based test will take a sample with saliva in the oral cavity. There are several types of saliva-based that you can use. Teman Sehat, you can also use APTAMEX, which is a saliva-based test at an affordable price. To order, you can directly check on the Teman Sehat application.

Prepare the necessary items and applications

Some personal items that are considered important, it’s good to be prepared. Medicines or other personal items that you consider special. Personal dining utensils or jackets can also be one of the things you prepare.

Applications on smartphones are also important for you to use, like Peduli Lindungi. In addition to obligations from the government, Peduli lindungi can also be your digital passport after taking the test.

Benefits of 5 safe vacation tips

By applying the 5 safe vacation tips above, of course, your vacation time will be safer and more comfortable. But still, make sure to always apply health protocols wherever you are.

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