4 easy steps to secure your Covid-19 Vaccine Card with Teman Sehat

Covid-19 vaccination may soon become a mandatory employment requirement in certain sectors in Indonesia. A vaccine certificate or vaccine card is also required to gain entry in various establishments. Having to bring a physical card as proof of vaccination can be quite inconvenient as some people tend to lose it easily, giving way for unscrupulous people to misuse personal information for their own gain.

To avoid physical damage to your card and keep your personal information private, you can store a digital copy of it to Teman Sehat (Healthy Friends). Here’s how:

How to upload a copy of your Covid-19 vaccine card to Teman Sehat

  • Login to your Teman Sehat account (can be accessed from Temansehat.co) then click profile found on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on the add vaccine certificate tab. A new “add card” tab will appear
  • Fill in the required data on the add card tab. Include a photo of your vaccine card to save on your smartphone
  • Your are done! You can now use your digital Covid-19 vaccine card for your daily needs.

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